Driver's Education

Driver's Education

Basic Driving Instruction Course
$299.00 (30 Classroom Hours, 6 Driving Hours)

The Basic Driver Education Course is the full 36 hour MVA approved class which potential drivers must take in order to obtain their Maryland Driver’s License.  This class consists of 30 hours in class instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction, which is broken up into three two hour sessions. The Basic Driver’s Education course is recommended for anyone who is a first time driver in the state of Maryland. It is designed to teach students safe driving practices, familiarize themselves with how to properly operate a vehicle, and develop an understanding of driving laws within the state of Maryland.

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Advance Driving Academy offers several service options for students that wish to enroll in the “Basic Driver Instruction” classes.

The service options are as follows:

  • Standard Course $299.00 (Limited Time) – Students take the 2 week in class portion, obtain a learner’s permit, practice driving with a parent or guardian for at least 10 hours, then begin scheduling their 6 hours of behind the wheel training. MVA states this course should be completed in at least 18 weeks.
  • Fast Break Course $399.00 – This is the quickest process for completion of the Basic Course. In the Fast Break Course, the classroom hours and driving hours are completed within a two (2) week period. This is for experienced drivers only. You must pass all required course work and all skills with proficiency to remain in this program.
  • Additional “Behind the Wheel” Instruction – $110 for a 2hr session – Advance Driving Academy provides additional “Behind the Wheel” (on the road instruction) for students that wish to receive additional hours beyond the 6 hours included in the Basic Driving Instruction.

Our instructors are available to pick up and drop off students within five minutes of the main office for behind the wheel instruction. This service is available upon request only and there will be a fee implemented of five dollars each way for this service.